16 November 2014

the zoo

PHQ, Landmarks A-Z, 2012
(PHQ = Postal Headquarters; ZSL = Zoological Society of London)

Sunday Stamps

02 November 2014


unsent, issued 5 November 1990

The Grand Mountain Zhurong
(written on back of card as The Loftg Peak of zhurong)

Mount Hengshan, near Hengyang City in Hunan Province, has 72 lofty peaks and winds for 400 km through seven counties and cities. The summit, Zhurong Peak, is 1,290 metres above sea level. Mount Hengshan is famous for its scenery and places of historic interest, such as the Seven Ancestors Daochang (place where Taoist rites are performed)

14 August 2014

imperial tower

Dexter Color

Point Clark Lighthouse south of Kincardine Ontario
Built in 1859, it is now preserved as a National Historic site. The stone tower is 85 feet tall and is one of six very tall tapering lighthouses dotting the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay shores. All of similar design they are known as the "imperial towers"