19 July 2014


unsent, circa 1910?
Anna Pavlova was the most celebrated ballerina of her time. Born in 1881 in St Petersburg, Russia she studied at the Imperial School of Ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre from 1891, joined the Imperial Ballet in 1899 and  by 1906 was a prima ballerina. After leaving the Imperial Ballet, Anna formed her own ballet company and went on tour, introducing her classical style of ballet to the world. She visited several countries travelling over 500,000 miles by boat and train and giving over 4,000 performance. She died of pneumonia while on tour in the Netherlands just before her 50th birthday. 

18 July 2014


Real Photo, The Hart Publishing Co, London, E.C.
The Grave of our Dreams


17 July 2014

ship in a storm

unsent, circa 1920s

Steamer in the midst of a Maelstorm while shooting the Long Sault Rapids, St Lawrence River.

15 July 2014

Lace Water Falls

sent March 1974 Wooster Ohio to Kittaming Pennsylvania
At the End of the Natural Bridge Glen
Among the mountains wreathed in mist
The twilight skies of amethyst
The groves of ancient oaks sun-kist
In Old Virginia
Dear Bella,
Mom had her eye surgery last month. Brother-in-law died 21st and buried last Sunday. Fire at High School last Thurs. Damage confined to one area and school open tomorrow. Saw it right after it started. Go by there on way home from work. 7 inches snow last week-end. Love, Faith.

this deserves a long letter, or phone call, in return!

14 July 2014